Tips for Aftercare

After Care:

  • Refrain from consuming coffee, tea , wines, colas, beer and juices for at least 24 hours
  • Refrain from eating tomatoes, sauces, spinach, broccoli, beets, berries, smoking, chocolates for at least 24 hours
  • If you can follow the above your teeth should improve its whitening shade by up to one shade over the next three days
  • You can drink whatever you please with a straw
  • Best news is that whatever you decide to do, you cannot hurt you’re the progress you made in the teeth whitening session with your food or drink choices
  • Do not brush your gums if they were dehydrated for 2 days after the in-store or @ home service
  • Be sure to brush your teeth everyday at least 3 times per day
  • We recommend that you use a toothbrush or use our brush-ups so that you can brush your teeth immediately after drinking or eating. You always want to remove the sugars, acids and caffeines from your teeth as quickly as possible
  • We also recommend the use of our day-time and night-time whitening pens to protect and further the whitening of your teeth until your next in-store or @ home treatment
  • Remember, we can

    give you a comprehensive whitening and maintenance plan after your first treatment. Be sure to ask for the plan and also be sure to ask for our special pricing on our comprehensive plans.