X Cell Erator Teeth Whitening System

A comprehensive and complete professional teeth whitening system that will create an extraordinary whiter smile, and provide the basis for you to continue the whitening and maintenance program of your new smile. You can do this by continually using your light that comes with the system, and then purchasing additional trays for as many more treatments that you would like.  The trays are great for whitening and maintaining that beautiful new smile

The system comes with a pre-loaded tray that contains our specially formulated SB-44 carbamide gel, 2- vitamin E swabs, an advanced teeth whitening accelerator light, a shade guide for you to monitor the progress of your smile and coupons for up to 62% off your next purchase of trays.


*Before beginning your teeth whitening process, please check that your light is in working condition.  If it does not turn on, please contact Smiling Bright at (855) 662-1108.

  • Tear open the pre-sealed package and remove the tray
  • Be sure to apply the vitamin E to your gums and lips prior to putting the tray into your mouth
  • When the tray is placed into your mouth, please insure that both your top and bottom teeth are secured into the tray and that the foam strip is placed against your teeth. People sometimes place their teeth in front of the foam, which is the wrong placement, the foam must be pressed against your teeth to ensure results
  • Place the light against your tray and insure that the light stays on for at least 30 minutes and no more than 35 minutes.
  • When completed, discard the tray, and brush your teeth.
  • Do not brush your gums for at least the next 2 days
  • If your gums have been dehydrated, please just rinse often with cold water, you can apply more Vitamin E , or you can use Vitamin E gel-caps, by breaking open the gel-caps and putting the Vitamin E directly onto your gums.
  • You can purchase more trays for additional treatments, and you can use up to 2 trays per week for services, do not use trays for more than 2 consecutive weeks.
  • You can use one tray per month after the initial treatment usages, thereby creating a maintenance program for your new smile
  • This system is an industry leader, as no competitor offers this type of in-store service tray. Most competitors require you to boil the trays and use 2 trays, one for your upper and one for your lower teeth. The X Cell Erator system requires only one tray for both your upper and lower teeth


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