X Cell Erator Teeth Whitening Pen

Smiling bright is proud to introduce our latest technology in bringing professional teeth whitening to a new standard of “where-ever / when-ever”. Introducing our newest professional teeth whitening pen ($29.99) called “X Cell Erator Professional “On the Go” Teeth Whitening System”.Our new “On the Go” professional teeth whitening pen provides every consumer the safe, affordable, fast and effective (S.A.F.E.) way to professionally create and maintain a beautiful white smile in the privacy of your home, office, car, or basically “where-ever / when-ever” you choose.

Our “On the Go” professional teeth whitening pen is available in our specially formulated SB-36 carmabide flavored gel which is perfect for every-ones use, including those people with sensitive teeth and gums.

The “On the Go” professional teeth whitening pen comes with a leak proof, easy to use design making it perfect to make your smile whiter than it’s ever been and a sure fire way to keep it that way! Bring back your beautiful smile and the confidence that a white smile makes. As soon as you start using your professional teeth whitening pen you can begin Smiling Bright!

Please review the benefits of what this new professional teeth whitening pen can do, listed below.


  • easy to use, no strips, trays or dental appointments
  • can be selectively applied to individual teeth, or just the top or bottom, or both top and bottom
  • quickly erases food and drink stains in order to prevent stain buildup
  • great way to whiten your teeth overnight as your sleeping
  • easy to use pen applicator, deliver your teeth whitening gel without any mess
  • easy to carry and apply whenever and wherever you want
  • enamel safe whitening ingredient used by dentist
  • mint flavored
  • applying gel directly to teeth will minimize gum contact, thereby minimizing irritation
  • can be applied to hard to reach places, like along the gum line of your lower mouth
  • handy for purses, car, office, jacket pockets
  • dries quickly
  • over 40+ applications

A safe, affordable, fast and easy way to maintain your new Smiling Bright smile. The Smiling Bright teeth whitening pen affords you the best way to maintain that new smile. Just simply apply the whitening pen gel over your teeth after eating or drinking dark colored liquids. No need to remove the gel, just apply and go. The peppermint flavor refreshes your breath as well.


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I love these whitening pens! They are very easy to use and they actually work on tough stains. Highly recommended!