Teeth Whitening Maintenance Kit

The Teeth Whitening maintenance kit provides a dual performance, which whitens and maintains your new smile. It comes with a customizable tray, 15 vitamin E swabs, 10ml SB-44 gel syringe, (good for 18 treatments) and a tray holder to easily store your tray until your next service.


  • Remove the customizable tray from the package
  • Place the tray into your mouth with your teeth being placed close to the edge of the tray
  • Gently bite down with your top and bottom teeth into the silicone creating a customized impression
  • Remove the tray from your mouth and fill the impression with the recommended gel amounts as listed in the instructions for the 10 ml gel syringes (1.5 small lines of gel for the top and bottom)
  • Apply the vitamin E to your gums and lips. (see the instructions for use under the vitamin e instructions in the retail store)
  • Place the tray back into your mouth for 30 minutes, not to exceed 35 minutes
  • When the time is completed, remove the tray from your mouth, rinse well, brush your teeth, but do not brush your gums.
  • Repeat the process each time the tray is used, as the impression needs to be re-created with every use.
  • You have up to 18 treatments to use; we recommend that you use each treatment no more than 3 times per week. You can judge the amount of times required to whiten your teeth by the shade of your teeth. Once you achieve the desired shade, repeat usage once a week to maintain your beautiful new smile


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