Daytime Flash (Professional Teeth Whitening Pen)

A safe, affordable, fast and effective way to get a new brighter smile and to ensure that your new smile stays bright.  There is not a better way to achieve your desired level of whiteness than with this newly designed and just released “Day-time Flash” Professional Teeth Whitening Pen.

The 14% hydrogen peroxide formula makes it perfect to quickly brighten your smile.

This formula is twice as strong and effective as our X Cell Erator professional whitening pens. The daytime flash pen is used when people want a quicker, brighter smile, as the formula is much more powerful than the X Cell Erator pens.


  • Just keep the pen with you and apply the gel prior to your meals as well as any other time that you prefer, and watch the specially formulated gel prevent the stains from penetrating your teeth as the formula continues the whitening of your smile.
  • Apply the gel evenly to the teeth that you want to whiten; be sure to keep the gel off your gums.
  • This specially formulated gel has been created so that you can apply it up to 3 times a day with confidence that it protects, whitens and is safe for multiple daytime uses. Stay confident that it protects and whitens at the same time, and never again worry about your choice of foods and drinks.


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