3 free X Cell Erator Professional Teeth Whitening Pens

  1. Get free at home teeth whitening for a year
  2. Just pay the shipping, handling  and processing fee of $9.99, and get 3 free X Cell Erator Professional Teeth Whitening Pens 
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Smiling Bright is proud to announce their first ever Whitening Americas Teeth Promotion. 
We are determined to help America get a new whiter and brighter smile and thats why we are offering 1 year of @ Home Professional Grade Teeth Whitening  absolutely Free.
You will recieve 3 X Cell Erator Professional Teeth Whitening Pens, an everyday value of $89.97 free.  All you need to do is pay S&H&P
 ( shipping,handling and processing fee of $9.99)
There is no limit to the amount of free whitening you can buy, just pay the $9.99 S&H&P fee  per every 3 whitening pens ordered
Get 1 year of free whitening for yourself, friends, family, buy it as gifts, what a great inexpensive way to get a whiter, brighter smile. Bring back that beautiful smile that you once had!
  1. Apply a thin coating to your teeth twice a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime, or you can choose when to apply it.
  2. Apply the thin coating to your teeth as stated above twice a week. You choose the days and times
  3. You will recieve your free pens within 10 days of recieving your order
  4. You can buy more pens from our web site at $29.99 per pen, thats why we recommend that you buy in bulk
  5. Pens will last up to 2 years when kept at room temperature
  6. You will recieve detailed instructions on usage and care, and you can always call our Customer Hot Line at 1.312.662.1108
Its that easy, and you wont believe the results, a dentist quality professional teeth whitening absolutely free !