Pro Flash

Pro Flash In Store Teeth Whitening

Pro Flash is Smiling Bight’s newest innovation in providing the most glamorous smile the industry has to offer.  Pro Flash is available in 15-minute, 30-minute, and 60-minute in store professional teeth whitening sessions. The sixty-minute session is comprised of two 30-minute sessions back to back and is the best performing and most widely used service.

Pro Flash is non-invasive and the most complete whitening process available.  This extraordinary whitening process is achieved through the development of new professional strength formulas and the capability of the whitening light to emit light directly onto the teeth eliminating the need to penetrate through the silicon tray.  The end result is that more light reaches the teeth creating a more powerful penetration of the whitening gel.  This combined with complete gel coverage of the teeth result in the most evenly whitened and brightest smile available today.

Why Use Pro Flash?

1) There are no whitening trays used, thus eliminating sensitivity, discomfort and gum dehydration (white gums)

2) Pro Flash is the strongest professional gel strength formula available

3) The Pro Flash teeth whitening process dramatically increases both the output strength of the whitening light as well as the gel penetration.   The Pro Flash professional gel formula penetrates the full dentin of the teeth and breaks down even the most difficult stains, including the nearly impossible nicotine, wine, coffee and tea stains, resulting in the most glamorous smile available.

4) Pro Flash eliminates teeth, gums, lips and tongue sensitivities by incorporating our specially formulated ingredient carbamide peroxide to our exclusive whitening gel.

5) Pro Flash is evenly applied to every tooth, insuring that all teeth are whitened to the brightest shade. Gum line stains are easily removed as well, thereby creating the most uniform smile available.  Pure brilliance is the result of your new Pro Flash smile

6) Pro Flash removes the toughest stains from the gum lines, which are often the most difficult part of the teeth to whiten

7) Pro Flash eliminates dehydration (white gums) by applying the powerful gel directly to the teeth and eliminating contact with your gums

8) Pro Flash helps removes plaque and can help keep teeth cleaner and whiter for a longer period of time (Pro Flash is not a substitute for regular dental cleanings)

9) Pro Flash helps kill germs and bacteria, which can linger on your teeth

10) Pro Flash is Safe, Easy, Fast, and Effective, and it’s the best way to professionally whiten your teeth

Who Should Use Pro Flash?

1) Heavy smokers

2) Heavy coffee, tea and wine drinkers

3) Clients with deeply stained gum lines

4) Clients with unevenly colored teeth

5) Clients wanting an ultra bright uniform smile

6) Clients who haven’t had their teeth professionally whitened in 1 year or more

7) Clients who have special events in the very near future, like: weddings, job interviews, special occasions, social gatherings, family re-unions, starting new jobs, etc.

8) Clients who need to achieve an even smile because their dentures, caps, crowns or veneers do not match the same color as the rest of their teeth

9) Heavy fruit or juice users, because these type of foods and drinks contain some of the most damaging ingredients to teeth, like sugar, acids and colorings.

10) Clients with protruding teeth, recessed teeth and off centered teeth

11) Clients with recently removed braces or Invisalign

12) Clients that have Tetracycline staining from a young age that want to begin a whitening regimen

13) Clients who want to jump start their whitening and begin a new teeth-whitening regiment of keeping that beautiful elegant smile forever!

Pro Flash Facts:

1) Pro Flash is only available as an in store session.  It can be ordered by calling us directly at 312-662-1108 or you have the option of upgrading to the Pro Flash process at the time of your appointment.

Pro Flash is not available through coupon offerings and can only be purchased directly through Smiling Bright. 

2) Pro Flash whitens your dentures, caps, crowns and veneers, bringing them back to their original color

3) Pro Flash will whiten all of your teeth back to their original bright color (this is called your “genetic white”)

4) Remember, never worry about getting your teeth too white, they can never exceed your shade of color when your adult teeth arrived (at about 12 years of age)

5) Always keep in mind, depending on the type of stains, depth of stains and the longevity of stains, that you may require more than one session.  Your technician will review your shades and develop a personal and comprehensive program to get that Ultra Glamorous Smile!

6) Remember, the longer you haven’t had your teeth professionally whitened, the more sessions you may need.

How much is Pro Flash?

15 minute session $169.99

30 minute session $329.99

60 minute session $599.99