How does the in office service work?
You will receive a self administered peroxide gel based procedure kit that includes a preloaded tray, vitamin e,and a brush up used to brush your teeth.

You will first brush your teeth and then apply the vitamin e to your gums and lips, followed by you inserting the preloaded tray. A professionally trained technician will then align our professional strength L.E.D. light to your tray to begin the whitening process. The peroxide gel formula interacts with the L.E.D. light in order to oxygenate the ions in the gel in order to extrapolate the stains from your teeth. The process will penetrate the tooth enamel without damaging your enamel while removing stains from your teeth. The staining particles will attach themselves to the peroxide foam strips, as this process is referred to as “PSR” , physical stain removal occurring at the speed of light.

Who should not whiten their teeth?

  • You should refrain from whitening your teeth in our in office treatment or our @ home professional whitening systems if you : You are pregnant or nursing ( you should consult your doctor first)
  • You have loose teeth, loose filings, cavities, or any type of gum disease. You should get all of these conditions examined and resolved to your dentist satisfaction prior to whitening your teeth.
  • You are under the age of 16
  • You wear braces
  • You are allergic to any listed ingredient ( carmabide peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, propylene glycol, glycerin, artificial flavoring)
  • You have a the condition called photo sensitivity
  • If you have any concerns please consult your dentist prior to use

Do drug store or over the counter teeth whitening kits really work?
Most store whitening kits contain very low percentages of hydrogen or carmabide peroxide. The only way in which teeth can be whitened is through ingredients of peroxide which contain at least 10% or more, anything less will result in your teeth failing to be whitened to the professional level. Most over the counter kits also only remove surface stains because of their low strengths of peroxide .

Will everyone’s teeth whiten?
Almost all natural teeth will whiten. Everyone’s teeth are different and the shades of improvement are different as well, because the genetic and heredity factors combined with the type of stains, the age of the stains , and prior history of your teeth are all indications of performance

Will my gums and teeth become sensitive, and if so, what can I do?
A small percentage of people experience sensitivity, it is temporary and has no lasting effect. It is usually caused by over exposure to the gel.

If you experience any sensitivity, this is what you can do:

  • Wear your trays for a shorter period of time and wait a day or so before resuming
  • Insure that the gel stays within the tray
  • Wipe off any excess gel from the tray, trying to keep the gel from your gums
  • Use toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth
  • You can apply fluoride gel to your teeth 3-4 minutes prior to whitening

I have spots on my teeth, how will whitening affect them?
These spots which are usually mineral and / or calcium deposits or stains usually respond to the whitening process at a different rate than the rest of the tooth which contains them. These spots can look more prominent after the whitening process for a few days, but these spots will fade. Severe dark spotting may require more treatments, as these are signs of deep rooted stains. These type of stains may require our in office whitening services in addition to utilizing our home professional whitening systems.

Can teeth whitening hurt enamel?
No adverse effects to tooth enamel have been shown in a variety of studies on professional teeth whitening. Our teeth whitening gel formulas are the same formulas used by dentist for years and have been proven safe and effective. Smiling Bright’s formulas are neutral pH balanced for the health of your teeth. Be sure to carefully review over the counter kits, as they contain a wide range of chemicals and acidic formulas that can actually damage tooth enamel.

How long before I can eat or drink after my in office or @ home treatment?
For the first 24 hours, we recommend staying away from coffee, tea, beers, wines, colas, juices, beets, berries, candy,marinara sauce , chocolate, smoking, greens or any foods and drinks that have the propensity to stain.

How often can I use Smiling Bright’s Professional take home maintenance / whitening kits?
You can use our kit every day for the duration of the gel. You would apply 1.75 lines of gel from the syringe for your upper teeth and 1.75 lines of the gel from the syringe for your bottom teeth. This will give you 15 treatments. You can leave the trays in your mouth for up to 35 minutes and no longer.

How often can I use the Smiling Bright X Cell Erator Professional Whitening Pens?
You can apply the gel to your teeth before lunch, dinners ( when you plan on drinking or eating stain oriented foods and drinks) or before bed time. Just a small amount is required for usage in order to help prevent stains and whiten teeth.

Is the in office or home whitening process safe and pain free?
Research has shown that if teeth and gums are normal and healthy,there will be no adverse effects to whitening your teeth. People with tooth decay or gum disease should refrain from whitening their teeth or consult with your dentist. Be sure to review our FAQ on who should not whiten their teeth .

The Smiling Bright Professional in store or @ home professional whitening systems are safe, self administered , affordable and highly effective procedures focused on restoring your beautiful white smile.

Is teeth whitening affordable?
Smiling Bright offers a wide variety of in store and @ home professional teeth whitening solutions. You can get an in store 20 minute service for just $149.99, or a wide range of @ home remedies for no more than $179.99

Is teeth whitening fast?

  • The in office or @ home treatments are safe, affordable, fast and easy to use and extremely effective
  • In store treatments are offered in 20, 30, 40, or 60 minute sessions. @ Home formulas range from 20-35 minute sessions.
  • Smiling Bright is open 5 days a week in all of our locations.

Is teeth whitening easy?
You can call for a guaranteed in store appointment, or go on line and easily purchase your choice of our professional teeth whitening products.

Who may benefit from the Smiling Bright Systems?
Anyone can benefit from our professional in store or @ home professional whitening systems. Remember that your teeth can never be whiter than genetically possible. We maintain a 99% success and client satisfactory rating.

What causes stains?
The frequency and volumes of coffee, tea, juices,wines, colas, beets, berries,chocolate, smoking, and dark and high acid foods and drinks . This is one of the reasons why we recommend the use of our on the go whitening pens, so that before you consume these type of staining foods and drinks, you can help prevent them from staining and whitening at the same time.

Are there any side effects?
Some people may feel a little tingling sensation, get white gums ( blanching) or some level of sensitivity, all of which are normal and hold no danger or long term effects. Typically these effects last for minutes to a couple of hours.

Why use Smiling Bright’s Professional Teeth Whitening Systems?

Because, other companies may offer teeth whitening services, but we SPECIALIZE in it. We offer both in office and @ home solutions, and very few competitors provide both , and none of them use the quality of ingredients, have the levels of satisfaction, or effectiveness that Smiling Bright has.

How often should I use the X Cell Erator Professional Teeth Whitening system, or in office treatments?
The usage of treatments will be dependent on the volumes and frequency of your consumption of staining foods and drinks. After your first treatment, you may decide to make them whiter. The first time you whiten your teeth, you are removing years of stains. Some people may be satisfied after one treatment, however it could take several treatments for you to achieve your desired results. Once you receive your desired results, you must insure that you maintain your new white smile by using our take home products available on line or in our stores.

What if I have tetracycline staining?
Many clients have been able to drastically improve their smiles by reducing their tetracycline staining through use of our in store treatments or our @ home professional teeth whitening systems. Our products and services work because of their high degree of professional strength peroxide. You may require multiple treatments to achieve your desired results based on the severity of stains.

If Smiling Bright doesn’t have a location where I live, should I find an in office treatment?
No, as our @ home professional teeth whitening systems are as powerful as our in store services, and provide you the ability to achieve the same results in the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost that you would have to spend with your dentist or any other remedies.

I have caps, crowns, and veneers can my teeth be whitened?
Our in office or @ home professional whitening systems can remove stains from your dental work and restore them to their original. We can restore that beautiful smile you once had.

What is your recommendation for a comprehensive program to get my teeth as white as possible and make sure that they stay that way?

  1. You can either visit one of our stores for a in store service or purchase our @ home X Cell Erator Professional Teeth Whitening System
  2. Depending on the severity of your stains or your desired results, you may need more than one service. You can either visit our stores or buy more trays on line to use with your X Cell Erator Professional Teeth Whitening System. Remember, when you purchased the system, you have the L.E.D. Light that can be used multiple times.
  3. After you achieve your desired results, and you want to maintain that new beautiful smile, you should do the following:
    1. you should purchase and use our X Cell Erator Professional Teeth Whitening Pen to use prior to consuming staining types of food and drinks. The pen allows you to protect and whiten your teeth “on the go”
    2. you should purchase and use our @ home maintenance kit, which protects and whitens over 15 days of 35 minute treatments. You can use this system everyday for 35 minutes or as little as twice a week. You get 15 in office strength treatments.
    3. you can either visit the store or purchase trays on line to update your smile with a full treatment and then continue the maintenance guidelines

Remember, the more consistent you are with your whitening program, the whiter your teeth will be and last.

How long will your products last in my home?
Our products have a shelf life of up to 2 years. Be sure to buy our special offerings and feel secure that you can use them anytime you want up to two years later.

I already have custom teeth whitening trays made by my dentist, do you have gels that I can use?
Yes, you can go on line and purchase either our 3 ml or 10 ml carmabide peroxide gel syringes with high quality dentist strength and effectiveness. The 3 ml is good for 5 – 35 minute treatments and our 10 ml is good for 15 – 35 minute treatments. These treatments can be extended by using less gel or by focusing on your top or bottom teeth only. Never apply more gel than required and be sure that the gel does not overflow onto your gums.

Do gel strengths make a difference?
Of course, that’s why we use the highest, safest strength allowable. Don’t be fooled by other companies that refrain from telling you the strength they use in their gels, or in office treatments. Our @ home products contain 44% carmabide peroxide. Our in store services use a variety of strengths depending on our clients choice of treatments and time of whitenings.

Can I achieve the same results as I can get from my dentist?
Most of our clients claim that the Smiling Bright systems work better than any of their experiences with their dentist in office visits, their dentist at home trays or the expensive Zoom process.

How does the Smiling Bright process compare to the Zoom process?

In many ways:

  1. our process is up to 75% less expensive and just as effective if not more effective
  2. We use an L.E.D. Light to activate the ions in the gels ,while your dentist could use a heat sensored light or a laser light which could damage your lips and / or gums
  3. we use comparable gel strengths that are preloaded into self administered trays, while your dentist brushes on the gels directly to your teeth.
  4. the Zoom process takes more time and does not produce better results with the additional time
  5. the Zoom process is cumbersome and at times very uncomfortable
  6. all of Smiling Brights in store services or our @ home products come with detailed instructions and always have technicians on call to answer any of your questions.